Konuşma Kulübü is an English course centre which directly deals with speaking. Konuşma Kulübü, which started as first to give courses based on speaking skill in 8-person classrooms in Turkey, provides courses with a curriculum based on CEFR criteria to make students be able to speak English fluently which has become a self-confidence problem.

People who are interested in learning foreign languages, especially English, in our country, they put in a position that where they have to learn grammar of the language first. While this tense English learning is necessary for people who have academic aims to learn English, for people who are going to use English in their social or professional life, this tenseness of learning both tires them unnecessarily and diverts them from their goals. As a result of this situation, it causes partially attendance to classes, spending money for vain and the loss of eagerness to learn English and faith of it which is the most important one.

In commonly known English courses, grammar is being taught all the time, while speaking exists near to nothing. Therefore it is most probable that the effort for courses which last for months and years are for vain. According to a research done on people who had English education, in our country, the number of people who can read and write in English is close to the acceptable rate, while the number of people who can speak and understand English is in the level of underdeveloped countries.

Konuşma Kulübü, which is based on these observations and complaints, founded to make participants have the habit of speaking English from the start through a curriculum that is based on CEFR criteria. 

Konuşma Kulübü classes are organized as A1 – A2 – Elementary and Pre Intermediate proficiency level, B1 – B2 – Intermediate and Upper Intermediate proficiency level and C1 – C2 advanced proficiency level which is parallel to the regulation of 6 proficiency levels.

Many people usually use the phrase of ‘I understand but I can’t talk’ about English. This situation effects people’s education, work and social lives and almost transforms into a self confidence problem.

You have been to many English courses, have bought many English course books, have practiced English grammatically and as a result of these, you have received many certificates that show you have good command of English, but when you need to communicate in English, you have always avoided.

While studying grammar, you didn’t have a chance to communicate in English or you didn’t choose to take any action about communicating since you knew that they were going to teach grammar to you.

In your resume, it’s written for English: Reading – very good, Listening – very good, Speaking – average and you want to change this.

You will have many reasons to have courses in Konuşma Kulübü, as it is listed below.

• Courses of Konuşma Kulübü are based on CEFR regulations.
•. The classes of Konuşma Kulübü includes 8 people as maximum.
• English is always spoken in the classrooms by the leading of expert teachers, thus you can practice about what you’ve learned right away.
•. At the end of the courses, you can have a certificate from Konuşma Kulübü.
• Students of Konuşma Kulübü have the self-confidence of speaking English whichever proficiency level they are in.
• You will learn the phrases and idioms that are used in daily or professional life in the courses of Konuşma Kulübü.
• In Konuşma Kulübü, you will attend classes that are suitable for your proficiency level which have the suitable curriculum according to your proficiency level.
• Learning English in a English spoken environment instead of boring classroom environments which takes away your fear of making mistakes.
• By the help of short presentations that you will do in the lessons, you will gain the self confidence that is required to speak English.

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